Union Pacific RR 006 (2)

Our Approach

Our Vision

We founded Rack Shack BBQ on foundational family values. It is our mission to delight every guest with fresh Barbeque excellence, just like we are serving our family.

Great food begins with great ingredients and that means fresh meats from local sources. Fresh not frozen and prepared the day of service.

Our rubs and sauces are our own signature recipes, creating our unique flavor profile not duplicatable anywhere else.

We have been showcased on national television shows but at the end of the day, it is about the customer we are serving at the moment.  Whether it is 1 or 1 thousand the goal is the same. To have that guest smile and say that this is the best barbeque they have ever had.

That makes your event memorable and talked about for years to come.

Our Story

Our Pledge To You

From Alumni dinners to Weddings and everything in between we treat your event with care and professionalism to ensure that your event is the best that it can be.

Meet the Team

Food is very personal. It is the breaking of bread around a table that seals the deal whether it is a gathering of corporate titans or a family celebrating the birth of a child.

Kelly Lyon

Kelly has a remarkable career in catering with some of the largest companies in Minnesota. Her experience in planning and coordinating events ensure that everyone knows who's on base and what needs to be done to deliver a world-class experience with the best food on the planet.

Elliott Ashwell

Elliott has been in the food industry for his entire career. From bussing tables to chopping vegetables Elliott knows service from the ground up. Paired with a degree in hospitality marketing there is no one better to oversee the Restaurant and Catering operations.

The original Rack Shack Crew . Many crew members have been with the company from the beginning and know the process and the food inside and out. They will make sure that your food is prepared correctly, and on time for your event.