“The back yard is the new Ballroom!” Be prepared for party crashers when they catch that amazing smell of smoky goodness wafting from your event!

Anytime is a great time for Rack Shack BBQ, and the best people to share it with are your family and friends! Whether you’re celebrating in your own backyard, a pavilion in a park or in a swanky event center, we want to be a part of it and make you look like the star!

Book us for your next:
-Graduation Party
-Family or School Reunion
-Sports Banquet
-Benefits or Fundraisers
-Baptism, Confirmation, Bar and Bat Mitzvah
-Celebration of Life
-Just because you want to!

Bring on the Barbeque!

In addition to our award-winning smoked & barbequed meats and sauces, we have a wide variety of side dishes as well as appetizers and salads. We love to customize you menu with all your favorites!

Listed below in the link to our menu, we have listed several different favorite combinations to make your life easier! Choose one of the combinations and just tell us your favorites. We’ll figure out the appropriate amounts for your crew! Our catering team will quote the perfect amount whether you have 75% kids under 10 years old, a college football team or hosting the monthly church group.

Although here at the Rack Shack BBQ we are carnivores at heart, we are sensitive to every individual’s dietary needs and restrictions. Our meats, sauces and signature spice rub are all gluten free as well as several of our side dishes. Since we don’t want the herbivores to go hungry, we also have plenty of options for our vegetarian and vegan friends and family. We offer a variety of plant-based proteins so EVERYONE can go home with full bellies and BBQ sauced smiles!

Fill out your contact information with a little bit of detail about your upcoming event to receive an updated menu with pricing as well as a quote within 24 hours.

Where Did You Get This Great Food?

Rack Shack BBQ of course! Barbeque is meant to be served buffet style. We are all about bringing family and friends together by loading up their plates just the way they like it! When you order from Rack Shack BBQ, we can provide any level of service you may need, including the plates, utensils, chaffers and more!

Check out our Services page to see what level works best for you. We can do it all for you (setup, service and cleanup), deliver it to you for Aunt Lucy to set up “just so” or we can have it all packed and ready to be picked up from the restaurant whenever you’d like!

Our Favorite Parks & Places

Rack Shack BBQ can cater to any private or public residence or venue as we are licensed by the State of Minnesota. We partner with and are referred by many venues across the state and Westerns Wisconsin with rave reviews. If you choose a location that does not currently list us, don’t be afraid to ask!

Check out our Venues page to see some of our favorite Barns & Gardens, Parks & Pavilions and more!